Poems Available Online:

“Catacombs,” Sixth Finch

“Fidelity,” Diagram

“Self-Portrait on the Occasion of Settling Down” and “Country of One,” Better Magazine

“Commendation,” New Orleans Review

“1776,” Boston Review

“The Rule of Chambers,” AGNI

“What the Horizon,” Smoking Glue Gun

“This Is What You Look Like” and “Lady Time,” Synonym

“Out of Place,” Barn Owl Review (reprinted in Verse Daily)

“As a Spleen,” Southeast Review (reprinted in Verse Daily)

“When a Man and a Woman Are Alone Together, the Third Person Present Is Satan,” Colorado Review (reprinted in Verse Daily)

More Poems:

“Reanimation,” A Public Space

“Lab,” Mid-American Review

“With Arms,” Indiana Review

“Retired Hunter Battle Cry,” “Poem From a Distance,” and “What Is a Window?” Forklift, Ohio

“The Frank-Starling Curve of the Heart,” Crazyhorse

“My Aristocracy (i),” “My Aristocracy (ii),” “My Aristocracy (iii)” “Finishings,” and “What Hospital Are You In?” Sonora Review

“Personal Statement,” Gulf Coast

“From a Great Height,” The American Poetry Review

“Things To Do With Windfalls,” OHNO Magazine

“Luxuriant,” Ninth Letter

“Taxonomy of a Crash, Portland,” Pleiades

“Captains Log,” “The Bathtub,” and “White,” Poor Claudia

“History of Marks,” Spoon River Poetry Review

“Tunnels,” Spork

Prospect, now out from TTU Press:

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